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Everything you need to know about Synthesis.

Why should I choose Synthesis?

At Synthesis , we understand that each student is different. This is why, during your first session, we'll work with you to determine your individual needs and goals, and develop a plan for the rest of the term. We encourage communication between sessions, so you can let us know if there's anything important that should be addressed at the next session. This way, we can tweak the lesson plan to ensure it's tailored to you.


How do I know what my child is learning?

Our tutoring sessions are tailored to meet the Australian Curriculum. Once a session concludes, the tutor will provide a comprehensive report that highlights what was covered, areas in which the student excelled or struggled, and recommendations for future sessions.


How are tutors and resources selected?

Our team at Synthesis Education comprises current and future teachers, top-performing ATAR students, and others in the education sector. We prioritise quality, which is why our tutors undergo rigorous training and support to maintain the consistency and excellence of our tutoring sessions. In addition, our resource developers create meticulously crafted materials that are engaging and aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Download with confidence knowing that your education is in good hands.


Will I get the same tutor every week?

At Synthesis, we prioritise consistency for our students. In the event that your tutor is unavailable, or if your schedule changes, we offer the option of booking another tutor who will be fully briefed on the student's progress. Alternatively, you may choose to reschedule with your usual tutor once they're available.


What will I need for a tutoring session?

When it comes to attending an "in-person" session, students don't need to bring anything along, as all materials will be provided. Nonetheless, it's always good to come prepared with a few extra items that can be beneficial for both the student and the tutor. Consider bringing a subject term plan, calculator, or iPad to maximise the time spent in each session.


How much is tutoring?

The duration of tutoring sessions and the frequency at which they are scheduled will depend on the goals and needs of the student. Some students opt for multiple sessions each week, while others prefer shorter or longer sessions. You have the flexibility to scale the number of sessions up or down each week, and adjust the duration of each session to best suit your individual learning needs. For added convenience, pre-purchasing a tutoring package is also an option. Choose what works best for you!


Can I try a few sessions first?

We highly recommend trying out a minimum of 2-3 sessions before deciding on our tutoring services. During the first session, we will get to know the student by having a conversation with them, gauging their goals and obtaining some baseline data about their learning. Once we have an understanding of their needs, we will create a tailored plan for the remainder of the term. Keep in mind that there is no obligation to continue with our tutoring services, and you can decide to have as much or as little as you would like.


What days can I book?

We offer comprehensive tutoring services online and in person, from 7:30am to 8pm Monday through Friday. If you require weekend tutoring, kindly inform us via the contact page. Regardless of your age, schooling style, or work environment, we are here to help. Tutoring can be arranged online or in person, and our hours are designed to cater to all schedules.

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