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We're Different

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Why Us

Synthesis Education was established to cater to the unique challenges that individuals face in their educational journey. Our approach to education is non-judgemental, inclusive, and personalised, recognising that every learner is different. We provide a variety of options for young people and adults, including online and in-home tutoring services that operate throughout the day, making it ideal for homeschooling families. If you have self-managed NDIS, please contact your NDIS provider for more information regarding claims.

Our resources are easy to use and cover a range of subjects in the Australian Curriculum, making them suitable for individuals of all ages and needs. Whether you require tutoring services or educational resources for yourself or your child, Synthesis Education has a lot to offer. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to assist you in your educational journey.

Emma Spicer: Founder

Qualifications:  B.Ed (Primary)

Age groups:  Year 2 - Year 8, Adults

Subjects:  All subjects, literacy intervention

Area:  south west Brisbane

Method of delivery:  Face-to-face

Availability:  Mon 9am - 3pm, Thursday and Friday afternoons

Emma is a highly experienced primary teacher with 20 years of teaching in both Brisbane and Cairns. At Synthesis, she leverages her vast knowledge, understanding, and empathy for all learners to facilitate positive outcomes. Emma is known for her easy-going nature, bold earrings, and passion for helping students. When not teaching, Emma can be found playing lawn bowls, listening to music, or relaxing with her cat, Archie.

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About Us

Our Mission

At Synthesis Education, we understand that some young people have additional and complex needs that require specialised support. Over the years, we have listened to parents and caregivers who have expressed concerns about their children's education. Our mission is to assist children and their families in navigating the curriculum safely, respectfully, and with ongoing support. If you are looking for expert guidance in meeting your child's unique needs, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Vision

Our organisation is dedicated to supporting individuals in their lifelong learning journey. Our experienced educators provide a positive and engaging learning environment tailored to meet unique needs and goals. We encourage exploration through hands-on activities and projects, offer various learning resources, and create a supportive community. We aim to unlock every individual's full potential.

What our clients say

Emma has been great working with all 3 of my kids, one of which has some additional challenges. She tailors their lessons to their needs, abilities, and interests. They have only had a few lessons and their confidence is already growing.

Let's learn together

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